July 2012

Vernissage: SATURDAY 7TH JULY 2012 – 16.00

The showing artists:

Jorne Langelaan – Lynx Guimond – Marie Chantal Nadeau – Elisabeth Spits

All four of our artists of July share a common maritime denominator:
Water in general and sails in particular.

Jorne Langelaan as captain of ‘Tres Hombres’ and painter , Lynx Guimond as crew member of ‘Tres Hombres’
and carver of figure heads and his partner Marie Chantal Nadeau who combines her jewellery with the wooden scuptures of Lynx, all together in the Co-Creation (left image) ; Elisabeth Spits , curator at the Amsterdam Scheepvaart Museum, author of sailing history and painter of water related pictures ( right image).

For more information on the artists and their work, please check out  websites:

www.lynxguimond.com –   www.shantyjewelry.com

With best regards: Emma Jean Brown & Janne Buurman

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