Emma Jean Brown – Hattitudes

Emma Jean Brown was born and raised in Tuskegee, Alabama (USA).  She soon developed a passion for  fashion, art and traveling. Already  at an early age her inquisitive nature led her to many exciting parts of the world, like Paris, Greece, Egypt, Italy and The Netherlands.

For over 25 years she lived Venice Beach (L.A.) , California, where she worked as a wardrobe lady and stylist for the stars of the Hollywood film industry.

After a well deserved break from that  rewarding, but hectic profession, she started her own brand in the hat making business, running shops in Santa Monica and Honolulu.

Her first encounter with the City of Amsterdam was love at first sight. She returned many times and ultimately married a native by the name of Janne Buurman, and opened the AMSTERDAM ROYAL GALLERY.

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