You are cordially invited to the festive opening of our ROYAL GALLERY Special Edition :   Oct 25th – Nov 1st 2009

AKIRA SHIMAYA (1943, Fujisawa – Japan)

‘I have a pair of green wings on my back that I can spread and fly. As far as I can recall these wings began growing in the spring of 1963’

It’s a brief encounter but an extensive body of work that we are proud to present during the last week of October.
A rare opportunity that we just could not afford to let us fly past.
Akira Shimaya’s remarkably refined style is full of feathers. His owl is omnipresent. Traditional techniques (Shimaya decorated 12 temples)
are masterfully applied in a contemporary and very personal approach. Thus building bridges beteen the old and the new, connecting continents,
his work becomes very cosmic and universal.

more info:

The Opening/Vernissage will take place on SUNDAY 25th OCTOBER 2009, 16.00 hrs. at the

Royal Gallery – Koningsstraat 37 – 1011 ET Amsterdam (Wed – Sun : 12.00 – 18.00)

With best regards: Emma Jean Brown & Janne Buurman – 06-20105650 –

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